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Here are some of the many people who contribute to our community life.


Bishop of Niagara                     


Honorary Assistants                 





Parish Administrator

Rector’s Warden

People’s Warden

Deputy Warden 

Deputy Rector’s Warden                      Organist/Choirmaster  



Daycare Consultant

Management Team

Parish Council


Daycare Board


The Right Reverend Susan J.A. Bell

The Venerable Bruce McPetrie

The Reverend Canon Philip Velpel

The Reverend Canon John Cathcart

The Reverend Jason vanVeghel-Wood



Erin Stahl

Erin Stahl 

Charles Brown 

Tim Dunn 

John Branderhorst, O.N 

Lesley Kingham 

Todd MacDonald

Todd MacDonald

Janet Saunders

Meets on 2nd Thursday at 7 pm

Meets 3rd Tuesday at 7 pm

Fiona Lougheed , Ruth Court , 

Scott Nicholson ,  Peter Grucza ,

Barbara Jean Lick O.N. , Wanda Lick ,

Elizabeth Freeman, Sylvia Verde, 

Ryan Galway ,Barb Munroe


Meets on the last Tuesday of the month


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