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Live in-person worship returning on Thanksgiving weekend

October 1, 2020. We are well into the second wave of COVID-19 as many of you will be aware. But we are also in a very different situation than we were in April this year. We know much more about health protocols, and how to be safe in a pandemic situation. We also know from past experience and modelling that this second wave is likely to hit us much harder than the first. That causes me to ponder whether opening on Thanksgiving, as we have planned, is a good idea. There are two obvious answers to that question. The most important part of answering the question will be up to each of you as an individual. At the moment we are still looking toward opening on Thanksgiving/Harvest weekend (Oct 11 2020) for live worship. You will be hearing more about the plans for that and what you might expect in the coming days. Video worship will still be available on YouTube, although the time it is available may change. However, and please read carefully here: If you do not feel safe, you should consider watching on-line. Online services will continue, although their times may be changed. If you are in one of the vulnerable groups, you should also consider staying home. I believe God wants us to come to worship faithfully, but not at the expense of our personal safety. Conversely, if you feel safe and want to attend life worship then please feel free. We are going to great lengths to keep you safe. This COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for some time to come, and we will likely have to adapt our worship and community life often. That is the reality, but it is not the end of the story. The end of the story is that things will eventually get back to normal. This pandemic will pass just like SARS did and just like many others have. We need patience to run this race with courage and confidence and like St. Paul, reach the last furlong knowing that we lived the challenge of the gospel in an honourable and fruitful way. And so we continue in uncertain times with a confidence of faith that only Jesus Christ Himself can offer. It is a faith which cannot be defeated.

Yours in Christ


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