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Breaking Light Broadcasting

This project came out of a COVID conversation about worship at home during the pandemic.  What could we do?  With inspiration from the Holy Spirit and funding from a WOW Grant in the Diocese of Niagara, we started the project in the spring of 2022. 


Several other videos are in process, focussing on major festivals in the Church. We hope you enjoy them in your parish, and in your ministry in other places like nursing homes, and possibly prisons.    

You are welcome to use the video in any parish related activity or group including retirement homes, hospitals and prisons.


Gerald and Allison form the musical duo Infinitely More and have won several awards for their music.

Kevin is a parish priest working at St. Thomas' St. Catharines

(Diocese of Niagara - Anglican Church of Canada.)

Peace be with you.


Our first project was released in late May of 2022.  You can find various resolutions listed below.  The links below will allow you to download various file resolutions.  They are all mp4 files.   Greyed out files are not available yet.

1920 resolution Apple ProRes 422 - 31 gig file.
Only useful for broadcast and cable.
(very long download time!!)

1920 resolution medium quality 900 meg. file 
suitable for most parish uses with large screen

720 resolution - 385 meg. file 
for average computer screens

480 resolution - 150 meg file for cell phones and tablets







The video is available on YouTube here:  


Breaking Light Broadcasting presents: Pentecost A Musical Celebration with Infinitely More at St. Thomas' Church, St. Catharines

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